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Independent Living Center

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Are you in need of tools for living independently?

ILC has a variety of Assistive Technology tools in the areas of:




*kitchen safety

*daily living

Contact ILC for demonstrations and options counseling.  Explore possibilities with our short term loan program.  ILC can assist consumers with obtaining equipment and training.

Assistive Technology

5 photo(s) Updated on: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • This is the Chattervox and it can be worn around the neck and is used to amplify a person's voice
  • The Smartlux portable magnifier is used to magnify printed material
  • The Maxi Pro and the Pocket talker are microphones attached to head sets that magnify sounds
  • There are many items that assist with grip of common objects such as eating utinsils.
  • The Merlin mini is a portable screen that can enhance printed pages and objects.
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