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Getting to Homer, located on the Kenai Peninsula in southcentral Alaska

You can get to Homer by driving or flying or by ferry or cruise ship.  Each of these options is briefly described below.

  • Driving:  The driving distance between Anchorage and Homer is approximately 221 miles, and non-stop, the journey takes about 5 hours.  Construction may slow driving times, and you can check road conditions at  The map below illustrates the kind of information presented at

    Roads to Homer are excellent.  Drivers take the Seward Highway heading south out of Anchorage (Alaska Highway 1) then take the turnoff to Homer 90 miles south of Anchorage (at Seward MP 37).  The rest of the trip is on the Sterling Highway. has an excellent guide for the drive from Anchorage to Homer, with a number of locations described in site-specific audio guides (  The Milepost also has good milepost-by-milepost information for this drive, see A fun 1-minute video of the drive from Anchorage to Homer can be viewed on Youtube at

    Wheelchair vans can be rented in Anchorage...

  • Flying: Currently, the only commercial airline flying into Homer is Ravn (which partners with Alaska Air in terms of mileage plans).  Most flights to Homer are on small twin-engine propeller-driven planes; you can see the Ravn aircraft fleet at this link:  All planes to Homer will board from the tarmac, both in Anchorage and Homer. Wheelchair users will be transferred into a narrow "aisle" chair to be carried up the steps into the airplane and transferred to an airplane. For an excellent article about the use of these narrow wheelchairs see: Note that power wheelchairs are not accommodated on these small planes. Contact Ravn or Alaska Air directly to discuss any options for flying to Homer if you use a powerchair.

  • Ferry: 

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