accessible* Homer, Alaska

* accessible means different things in different contexts. If a place meets standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we make that clear. If it's working in that direction but not yet there, we describe (or show) the conditions you'll find so YOU can decide if it's accessible to you.

The accessible* Homer sticker

Many of of us think of Homer as the perfect "go-to destination" for travelers with disabilities who want a wonderful Alaskan experience.  These are curious, informed, enthusiastic travelers--and in 2019, this "Disability Travel Market" spent over $58 billion in the US--not counting the friends and family members who usually accompany travelers with disabilities.  It makes sense for us to welcome these potential customers.

One way to welcome the Disability Travel Market is by displaying by your door the accessible* Homer sticker shown above.  Below are listed the steps to follow if you'd like to earn this sticker for YOUR business!

Steps for earning the accessible* Homer sticker

STEP 1.  Sign up with Independent Living Center in Homer

If you’re interested in earning an accessible* Homer sticker, call Independent Living Center in Homer: 1-907-235-7911 or toll free 1-800-770-7911.

(Earning a sticker won’t necessarily mean your business is ADA compliant—but any business that IS ADA compliant is eligible for a sticker.) 

STEP 2.  Receive information

Independent Living Center will provide you with some simple, straightforward information on how to make your business “user-friendly” for folks with disabilities, for example, ADA’s A Primer for Small Business We'll also link you to a few videos on the theme of "Good Access is Good Business."  (Some of these are listed at the end of these four steps.)

STEP 3. Focus on improving four areas that often limit access

  1. PARKING (e.g., in a good location with enough space and ground that's not too rough)
  2. ROUTE TO YOUR BUSINESS from designated parking space(s) (e.g., close enough and without barriers)
  3. BUSINESS ENTRY (e.g., no steps and low threshold, wide enough door, low “opening force" needed)
  4. AISLES FOR MOVING AND MANEUVERING (e.g., wide enough and without obstacles or "clutter”)

    STEP 4.  Let Independent Living Center know when you’re ready!

    We’ll visit to see how you’re doing.  When your improvements are ready, we'll present you with your sticker. We’ll also take photos for the Homer News, make sure you’re on the accessible* Homer website, and add you to Axsmaps.

    Below you'll find some links on the theme of "Good Access is Good Business.  These videos should help you feel ready to serve visitors who have disabilities.  These can become among your most informed and loyal customers. (To be added.)

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