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42 photo(s) Updated on: Wednesday, October 19, 2022
  • TRAILS participant smiling while fishing over the side of a boat.
  • TRAILS participant getting their photo taken with large fish.
  • TRAILS participants taking photo together on train.
  • TRAILS participants taking group photo at picnic table at Disability Pride 2022.
  • TRAILS participants bundled together on ferry.
  • TRAILS participants smiling big together for photo.
  • TRAILS participants on Rainbow Connection boat.
  • TRAILS participants taking group photo at picnic table in the woods.
  • TRAILS participant smiling big while gold panning.
  • TRAILS participant smiling with glasses while gold panning.
  • TRAILS participants working a communal garden with a seeing-eye dog laying down.
  • TRAILS participant holding their trophy fish with mountain range back drop.
  • TRAILS participants masked up taking a photo together.
  • TRAILS participants doing a group photo in the woods.
  • TRAILS participants cooking hotdogs around a fire place out camping.
  • TRAILS participants masked up and doing arts & crafts.
  • TRAILS participants and horses gathered for a group photo.
  • TRAILS participants admiring art pieces at the disability art show.
  • TRAILS participant brushing a horse.
  • TRAILS participant smiling big with a handful of fresh halibut.
  • TRAILS participant fishing on a boat from their wheelchair.
  • TRAILS participants doing ice curling with a stability aid.
  • TRAILS participants pushing a beach accessible wheelchair on a sunny day.
  • TRAILS participants riding in a canoe and paddle boarding on a sunny day.
  • TRAILS participants getting ready in a boat.
  • TRAILS participants happily holding hands up at TRAILS booth.
  • TRAILS participants masked up on the ferry.
  • TRAILS participant skiing with an accessibility ski chair on Alyeska.
  • TRAILS participant riding an accessibility pedal bike while walking their dog on Homer Spit.
  • TRAILS participants sitting together in the sunshine.
  • A photo with a horse being pet by a TRAILS participant currently sitting in a wheelchair.
  • TRAILS Disability Art Show 2022 being admired by a pair of participants.
  • Close up of TRAILS riders in cart being pulled by dog mushing team.
  • 8 TRAILS participants riding in a cart being pulled by dog mushing team.
  • TRAILS participant standing at TRAILS booth giving a hand peace sign and thumbs up.
  • 7 TRAILS participants standing at gold panning table before beginning.
  • TRAILS participant on a sunny day holding a potted flower.
  • TRAILS participant with big smile and skyline back drop.
  • TRAILS participant kayaking on a river.
  • TRAILS participant dancing with a hula hoop.
  • TRAILS participants and Joyanna with a sunny Glacier back drop.
  • 7 TRAILS Horsemen on the beach with a sunny mountain range backdrop.

If you are concerned about the safety of a vulnerable person you can report your concern to the Alaska Senior and Disabilities Services Centralized Reporting Unit.  These reports go to the appropriate state agency or agencies to investigate.  These include Adult Protective Services, The Long Term Care Ombudsman, Occupational Licensing and the Office of Children's Services.  Click on the link below for

Centralized Reporting

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