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How to Vote By Mail in Alaska

Thursday, August 06, 2020 2:41 PM | Anonymous

The Independent Living Center is first and foremost an advocacy agency.   We seek to empower the people we serve and part of that empowerment is to exercise the right to vote.  2020 is an election year and with the safety concerns of Covid-19 many people are choosing to vote by mail.  The Alaska Division of Elections web site says,

“Anyone may request a ballot by mail. You do not need a reason!”  

If choosing to vote by mail a person will need to apply for a ballot for each election.  Each election such as the primary and general election will have different application and return deadlines. It’s important to read the instructions on the Division of Elections web page carefully and to follow those instructions correctly to insure that your ballot will be counted.

You will need;   An Alaska ID card or Driver’s License

You will need to put your own postage on the ballot to return it by mail

If voting by mail, we recommend completing and returning your ballot as quickly as possible.  This allows time for unexpected delays in mail delivery that could be caused by a high volume of returns or issues related to Covid-19 and postal staffing.

Go to the Division of elections web page to read about all the details.

You can apply for an Absentee Ballot, register to vote, or update your voter registration online.  The direct link to do that is;

If you want to apply for an Absentee ballot using a paper form you can print the attached form below and mail or fax it into the Division of Elections.  Instructions for sending it in are on the second page of the application. 

 AK Absentee Ballot Application Fed_State Elections.pdf

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