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Homer Taxi sales are ending at the End of February

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 4:13 PM | Anonymous

ILC received a grant from the Alaska State Department of Transportation (DOT) to provide taxi vouchers to eligible consumers that experience a disability or are senior citizens.  Our grant funds for this fiscal year are just about exhausted.  That means that ILC will continue to sell vouchers until the end of February for any approved consumers that have not purchased their February voucher limit and then sales will stop.  We have applied for additional funding for the next fiscal year which will begin on July 1st.  If more funding becomes available before July 1st ILC will post an update on here on our web page.  Please feel free to call the Homer office (235-7911) if you have questions about the transportation program and voucher availability.

Any vouchers that we have sold and have not been used are still good.  They can be used any time during this fiscal year which means they are valid through June 30th.

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