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Home Modifications for Aging in Place

The Independent Living Center has proudly partnered with Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) to deliver the HomeMAP program they pioneered!

The program includes a home survey, in which an ILC team who know local resources, adaptive equipment and housing accessibility standards, will visit you where you live. Staff will talk with you (and family caregivers who want to join) and will tour your home. The focus will be the concerns you have for yourself, for family members, or for those who visit you. For example, if low vision or hearing is the issue, it is the focus; if balance or mobility is the issue, then that is the focus. Aging in place is person specific. Not everyone will need a fully wheelchair accessible bathroom to move more comfortably and safely in their home. Brainstorming what is needed for you and those who visit you is what HomeMAP is all about.

Following the HomeMAP survey, ILC will send you a written report outlining possible solutions to your aging in place needs. This HomeMAP report can be helpful as you do your home modifications yourself or if you are working with a contractor.

The HomeMAP assessments are often associated with Housing Modification Grants that are awarded though partner agencies. We will post on this page when we hear about housing modification grant opportunities in our service area. You can also contact one of the ILC offices if you would like more information about housing modifications and supporting grants.

ILC is keeping a list of consumers and families that may need home modifications.  We will contact individuals on our list when we learn of new grant opportunities for home modification.  You can find out more about home modification grants at the Alaska Community Development H.A.I.P. page.

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