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ADRC Person Centered Intake (PCI)

The process of discovering what options for support are available and how to pay for individualized care can be overwhelming for seniors and families. In the Prescreening process, ADRC staff talk with individuals with disabilities, seniors and families and take them through a structured interview to identify areas of strengths, personal desires and needs to identify potential options. Based on each person’s individual needs Prescreeners provide options counseling to identify what services and resources may be available and how they can be obtained. These options vary from community to community.

The prescreening process is now required for any individual seeking an Alaskan’s Living Independently (ALI) and Adults with Physical and Development Disabilities (APDD) Medicaid Waiver. ADRC staff explain the steps necessary to apply for a Medicaid waiver, and offer a list of agencies and care coordinators that submit assist with completing the applications. If you think a Medicaid Waiver might be right for you or a loved one, or if you need more information about options available in your community, please contact ILC and schedule a Prescreening. Prescreenings are offered free of charge.

The Independent Living Center offers Prescreenings for individuals living in Kenai Peninsula communities, Valdez/Cordova Census Area communities, Kodiak Island and Fairbanks and North Star Borough communities.

To schedule a Prescreening contact Valerie Rosin direct in the Central Peninsula Office at 907-262-6328 or email

Or call the statewide toll free number at 1-877-625-2372

For more general information about the Statewide ADRC program link to the SDS website.   Alaska Senior and Disability Services ADRC page

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If you are concerned about the safety of a vulnerable person you can report your concern to the Alaska Senior and Disabilities Services Centralized Reporting Unit.  These reports go to the appropriate state agency or agencies to investigate.  These include Adult Protective Services, The Long Term Care Ombudsman, Occupational Licensing and the Office of Children's Services.  Click on the link below for

Centralized Reporting

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